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This must be a new trend in teen blowjobs!

Have you ever been on a blind date before? Many years go I did and it wasn’t exactly something that I would find myself doing again. Although, I must admit that this new trend of a blindfolded blowjob does strike me as something that I would obviously give a shot and maybe a little something else.

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Some guys have all the luck and are just smooth when it comes to talking to women. They don’t have to be the most attractive, they just have a charm about them that women are drawn to. When I read this Pierre Woodman profile, I knew right away he was one of those lucky fellows. He doesn’t get his babes by going to bars or other pick up spots you might suspect. He places an ad in the local paper looking for models. 

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I sure was having a total ball looking at all these wicked big ass sex videos that I found over at Fapster. I don’t need to tell you just how worked up I get when a fat ass girl gets to go a few rounds with a willing cock, not when you want that action just as badly as I do.

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Daddy It’s So Big

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My step-sister got away with everything. She could come home after 3am and my Dad wouldn’t even say anything to her. I always wondered if maybe she had something on him. Was she blackmailing him? They would act weird around each other sometimes. They were super-close, especially close for a step-daughter and step-father. I bet she had sucked his dick and got it one film or something. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

The whole situation reminds me of all the taboo fun I see online from incest sites like Dad Crush. I think it’s safe to say that you should never fuck your family members but it’s still hot as fuck to watch this porn niche. I can’t explain it. I know I’m getting rock hard just think about it. Sign up now!

Sexual Relationship After Delivery

Have you ever thought about how your sex life would be after delivery? Of cause different, but how different? First of all, you need to understand that postdelivery hormones do play a significant role in trying to bring your old self back. The period for this differs depending on the physiological aspects of an individual and again with the type of delivery you underwent.

Lots of women do experience low libido, especially in their lactating periods. Meaning, they won’t experience lots of sexual pleasure as before. According to doctors, one should be free to begin playing sex four to six weeks into delivery. However, still, for a gigantic proportion of women, sex never feels like it.

According to a study conducted back in 2015, about 83% of women were found to face after delivery problems, which denied them sexual pleasure at least for three months. Within, this period, the most common issues they faced included the following;

• vaginal dryness
• perineal tear or episiotomy
• soreness
• thin vaginal tissue
• loss of elasticity in vaginal tissue
• pain
• bleeding
• “loose” muscles
• Fatigue and
• low libido, among many others.

This entire means, as a man, you need to give your wife some time to heal. If you feel lustful, then find one of the most realistic sex doll and enjoy yourself meanwhile. However, note that the decision to that should be contentment from both of you; otherwise, it may appear more like cheating. Sexdollslove has several categories, consisting of both the TPE and the silicone doll. Among these include the big booty sex dolls, teen sex dolls among many others like big tits types.

Some other golden tips the two of you can use in post-delivery sex life include;

• Taking it slow: Almost all women would not want to go back immediately to the sex activities. However, the trick is to take everything slow and move with your natural pace. A good starting point is trying to massage yourself to try to warm you up sexually again.

• Increase foreplay: Before actual penetration, extend the foreplay to allow time your vagina to produce its natural lubrication. You can induce this more by engaging in mutual masturbation or introduce third party participants like a love doll. A lifelike sex doll will be more appropriate in this scenario.

• Use a lubricant: Use of water-based lubrications will help reduce friction and possible irritations, especially when using condoms.
• Practice Kegels: Exercising out your vaginal muscles helps you regain muscle control in your genitals. This strength is very relevant for more sexual pleasures during actual penetration. Male sex dolls, on the other hand, as much as they do not deliver, always come with a highly elastic vagina, which expands and relaxed based on the manhood size. Meaning, you won’t have to change your lovely teen sex doll after a while or wait for its vagina to constrict.
• Have time for sex: The commitments to your new baby might keep you all busy to forget about your husband. However, it is so that the two of you find time for one another, embrace each other, and get intimate.
• Communicate: After delivery, you need to communicate with your partner, discuss how you feel and whether the two of you can get intimate. This will sparkle back the connection you once had before the baby, and this time it will even be stronger.


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