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Month: January, 2015

How to Make Your Fuck Friend Cum More Often

It’s very easy to think that just because you’ve developed a fuck buddy, you’ve got it made. It’s easy to think that once you have this side pussy action going, all your sex problems have gone away cause you can find sex online. Absolutely wrong, my friend.

You have to understand that if you have a hot piece of ass that is depending on you for great sex, you need to deliver that sex. You need to deliver what she’s looking for. Otherwise, your friend will disappear. She’ll look for somebody else. She’ll look for somebody who will give her what she’s looking for.

Have no illusions about what she’s looking for. She’s not looking at having sex with you because you have a great body, a great personality, and you’re an otherwise awesome guy. No, she’s looking for hot sex. She’s looking to cum again and again and again.

If you want to get your local fuck sex action game down right, you need to understand this. You need to wrap your mind around this. You need to step your game up. In other words, you need to make your local fuck friend cum more often. Here are just some tips.

Go Down on Her As a Matter of Principle

Don’t wait for her to say, “Eat my pussy.” Just get down there and get down to business. It really is that simple. You have to understand that the principle you must internalize is simple: to get pleasure, you must first give pleasure.

This means that you need to open your mouth and get down on that pussy. Maybe it smells a little bit weird. Maybe it’s hot and stinky. It doesn’t matter. Get her off because if you want to get off, you must first get her off.

Aim for Both Clitoral and Vaginal Orgasms

This is extremely important. A lot of guys think that women only cum if you stick your dick into their pussy. These are idiots. You have to understand that most women actually cum because of the clitoris. You fool yourself into thinking that you are pleasing her by simply sticking your dick in her pussy. You’re actually doing it randomly because if you don’t thrust her the right way, her clitoris might not be stimulated properly.

You need to make it a point to be very precise and intentional in how you bang her so you not only make her cum through her clit, but you also hit her G-spot. A lot of guys think that the G-spot doesn’t exist. Well, keep telling yourself that because that’s the best excuse for being a lousy lay. If you want to be a great lover and if you want to develop more local sex friends, you need to make your woman cum at least three times as a matter of principle. Make it your duty. Make it your job.