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These dudes know what women on want. They know the signs that women give off if they’re interested. They know the game down cold. I mentioned the pimps here because these dudes come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll be surprised as to how successful with the ladies an otherwise unattractive guy can be.

I’ve seen dudes who look like complete and total piles of shit walk home with arms full of chicks. I’m not talking about chicks that are nasty and who would fuck anything with a heartbeat. I’m not talking about those types of women. These are healthy, good looking, eager, professional looking women who are at their prime, who are just enchanted by these dudes.

Pimps have their own personal reality field. They seem to be able to bend reality according to their will. You would do well to study these guys and learn from them. Consider them the Obi Wan Kenobi’s of the online sex game.